9 December 2012

Tomorrow, I'll Wake Up And Scald Myself With Tea - Czech Sci-Fi Comedy Film English Subtitles 1977

Zítra vstanu a oparím se cajem 'AKA 'Tomorrow, I'll Wake Up And Scald Myself With Tea'
Directed By Jindrich Polák
Czechoslovakia 1977
Genres: Science-Fiction, Time Travel, Comedy
Subtitles Revised By Kosmikino
Further Translation Help By Captain Robau

This a legendary (millions watched it here in England when it was shown on BBC2 on January 16th 1982) Czech science-fiction, time travel comedy film from the late director Jindrich Polák (Icarus XB-1, Pan Tau, The Visitors).

Taken from the Wiki entry:
"In the near future, a technology enabling time travel has been developed and is now in commercial use. A group of aging former Nazis conspires to alter the results of the Second World War by traveling back in time and supplying Adolf Hitler with a hydrogen bomb.

To this end, they bribe the corrupt time machine pilot Karel, who agrees to assist them. On the day of the scheduled journey, Karel chokes on a croissant and dies. His identical twin brother, Jan, cannot bring himself to tell Karel's fiancée Eva and begins to impersonate Karl.

He is also later mistaken for Karel by the Nazis and stumbles along with their plot. Having been a designer of the rocket-ship time machine, he is able to pilot the ship and take them all back in time. When he realizes the nature of the Nazis' plans, Jan resolves to prevent their success. After triggering several paradoxes by travelling back and forth in time, he manages to defeat the Nazis and resolve the consequences of his twin's death."

A great review of the film can be found here:

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